When it comes to Domain registration we are the one who are well known for establishing and making registration for domain. Domain name registration will be your first step to promote your business online. Choosing right domain name can help you to boost your online business. It is advisable to keep the domain name short. However, you can register a name with up to 63 characters. But the longer names will be difficult to remember. So, generally good domain names are short and lie in between three or four letters. Since .com domains have been registered with three and four letter, you can try with .au domain registration process. It is always good to go below 12 letters and on the other hand should not exceed 20. Also the domain name must be the best from the user perspective and it should not possess the marks like hyphen, etc. Because users usually do not type a name separating by hyphen and all such things so it is good to ignore such things if you do not to confuse your visitors and end up their search with your competitor's site.

Keywords placed in Domain Name

It will always give you good result to put keyword in Domain name. Get higher positioning on the search engines by placing the targeted keyword in Domain name. Doing so the customers can also know what type of product it sells. The name should be perfectly spelled so that the country from which you are targeting visitors or customers can easily search your domain name.

Domain Extension

There are some countries which have domain extension name as for instance Australia. The domains of this country are always registered with com.au. So if you are targeting business in Australia then .au extension must be there and it will help the Australian users pay more visits and finally convert into sale. Moreover, you can have the advantages with .au extension that the search engines of Australia will give preference and will give you top ranking result.

Trademarked names in domain name must be avoided

Companies' trade mark should not be followed by a domain extension. The trademarks are generally associated with company's intellectual property. It would be an unlawful act if the person is not the trademark owner and registered the trademark as a domain name. It would be good idea to consult a professional property lawyer before you choose a trade mark name that what are the limitations and obligations that the particular name possesses. Most of the time you can see that the name you want to register has already been registered in past and never been used. Start your search for perfect domain name without giving up the hope that you cannot find your desired name. The tools offer by the internet named "whois lookups" help you find various domain registrar databases and through this you can give registration information on domain names. If in case the owner of the domain do not renews then automatically the domain will get expire and after expiry you can easily register it. However, if you create a new one then type any keyword that you want in domain suggestion tool you can see that lots of words come up with a variety of combinations of available domains.

Some useful tips of domain name registration:

  • Domain name should be as short as possible
  • Check out whether the domain registration service providers give you control panel access or just hold with them.
  • Customers will get domain control panel and with the help of this customers can manage their domain
  • The domain control panel is where from you can change registrant contacts, admin contracts; manage name servers, technical contacts and so on.
  • You must be alert whether other providers are involved or not at the time of domain and if so make sure that you have full control on your domain otherwise lots of trouble may arise.
  • Mostly the companies take hidden charges on the customers for domain registration but our company offers very competitive charges for domain registration.
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