Electronic commerce popularly known as E-commerce is the latest technology applied for doing commercial transactions through World Wide Web and other computer technologies such as databases and e-mails. The whole process of e-commerce covers the ideas of business communication that includes selling and buying of goods and transactions of funds over networks and digital communications. Online marketing that includes selling products and services is gaining more popularity day by day. People find more convenient to get customer service support and interact with e-business partners on the web. Our prime motto at Jinni soft is to make your business grow using the latest technologies involved in e-commerce and web solutions.

Jinni Soft welcomes the clients who have e-commerce projects with kin interest for this company has gained extraordinary results on their completed projects which offer the advanced levels of experJinnisofte. Our expert team members always give much effort to expand our clients' business world wide maintaining high-end internet solutions of advanced technology.

Our service package of e-commerce includes the process for improving sales performances, marketing initiatives and customer saJinnisoftfaction. Be sure to get high ROI on the investment you have made for your online marketing business. We have those techniques that can easily make your product and service on sail and on the same time demanding as well due to its unique designs that we applied. Also the field of our e-commerce covers successfully management of your business products, descriptions, pricing, services, etc. So, if you wish to bloom in today's competitive online website business then come to us to get the perfect package of designing and developing the e-commerce solutions of your site.

Enhance the charm and attractiveness of your online shop that is your business website by having the perfect and unique professional design, hosting e-commerce services, launching product catalog that are extremely customizable, user friendly shopping options, secure purchase processing facility, and much more from a well recognized company like ours because we are the one who can surely turn your visitors into customers.

Our experJinnisofte e-commerce shopping cart solution offers the facilities like business strategy, products and marketing, design and usability, technology and security, etc. All the components and factors that can make your e business on the top are affordably available at Jinni Soft. We provide ecommerce software development that includes quality service of ecommerce application with the firm support of perfect php, asp.net, cold fusion, including web base programming language.

Our e-commerce web solutions and services include

  • The sites like B2B, B2C, C2C
  • Forum & Chat Server
  • E-commerce web site hosting
  • E-commerce internet solution for business
  • E-commerce software for shopping cart
  • E-mail & internet marketing
  • E-commerce web development and hosting
  • Custom programming
  • Banner solution

We please our clients with our dedicated team work for making a complete web design for e-business online with including the options such as shopping cart, customized online catalog, email marketing, and much more.

Some of the features that e-commerce shopping cart has are as follows:

Complete web solution

There are various factors that results into a complete web solution. The prime factor is nothing more than having a standard web site. Other than this, site management and over all design is also necessary. Also the web page should be browser based and there is no necessity for HTML arises. And when the question comes of reliability our company provides reliable site hosting sites which have multiple high speed internet connections. The e-commerce website is incomplete without the proper placement and availability of POP email & forwarding accounts, site marketing center, etc.

Order Processing & Payments

The leading payment options are facilitated with PayPal support, custom payment methods, CVV support, VeriSign Payflow Pro, and so on.It is a well known fact that an effective ecommerce website design can increase the profit of a company's business. The inevitable services that can make a business website complete includes credit card processing, customizable shopping carts, top level security, database application process and so on. We know that each ecommerce website has its unique functionality and a common shopping cart cannot meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our ecommerce shopping cart solution provide the service such as leading hosted ecommerce solution, SAAS ecommerce solution, .net2 cart for finding or knowing customer requirements.

Store Manager

We offer integrated store manager which includes personalized shopping cart, display of new orders, product search options, view & process orders, etc.

Shopping Cart

There are lots of individual products to be added to a page and for easy check out mini shopping cart view option is there. Moreover, SSL security for all orders is also available. To make it more user friendly on customers or visitors part mailing list signup, return shopper account login, support for gift certificates and coupons are also available.


Our service for building a complete e-commerce website includes HTPS/SSL security, security certificate, and protected password. Alexandria Point of Sale offers Point of sale software for Retail Stores, Restaurant POS Software and Salon Software.

Product Catalog

The systems that make the Product catalog more users friendly is by the availability of the services such as complete catalog manager, managing the product categories in multi level, the tremendous option for product import and export, modifiable product layouts, image uploading options, detail and thumbnail images, the display of sale prices and discount offers, and more importantly the product flags for the report of new arrival, special offer, free shipping, clearance, and more.

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