• Jinni Soft offers affordable web hosting services which can come easily come under your budget. If your server is good then your website will open with better speed. And this thing plays a significant role because a slow opening website can drive customers away. Our valuable services of web hosting include Linux, NT/Windows 2000 platform, etc in a cheap and affordable price. But if your expectation is more than these then you can also have the chance to do web hosting that can maintain your data on a dedicated secured network. It is a fact that our web hosting solution will fit your requirements from any angle. Due to Indian base company you have the real chance to get affordable web hosting company which offers other services of technology arena.
  • Avail best services at Jinni Soft for there are lots of reasons that make it so worthy. The prime reason includes powerful multi-processor servers to get rid of down-times and date loss because of hard disk failure. Further you need not to pay for excessive bandwidth consumption and this way the website will have enough space and bandwidth. The new email accounts can be created with the help of control panel software. Our web hosting services include hosting international domains and get sure to get the powerful Linux operating system and Apache web server. However, we include other web hosting solution like ASP, PHP, SSI, Miva and MySQL databases.
  • We have our dedicated and skilled team members that offer premium web site hosting services which promises of security, reliability, and complete package at an affordable range.

Jinni Soft has shown its proficiency in following domains and attained reorganization over the years:

  • Customized and managed web hosting services
  • Shared web hosting services for small business
  • Enterprise web hosting services
  • E-mail facilities to solve business matters
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam solutions
  • Personalized Web-mail panel
  • Analytics for Urchin Website StaJinnisofttics
  • SSL certificate

The profits that you are going to have by letting Jinni Soft to host your web site are many. However, the advantages that you will get through web based enhancement include state-of-the-art infrastructure that meets the most crucial requirements. Experience the reliable services that enable to combine high-level experJinnisofte with value-added services to boost your business to easy upgrade paths. Our company is the right place to have basic website hosting packages to advanced website hosting solutions. If you are expecting for better than the best services of web site hosting then Jinni Soft is for you with the web hosting solutions such as dedicated web site hosting services and shared web hosting services.

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